Frank de Winter
Revolutionizing Sailing 'round the World!

Past and current projects

  • Design and prototyping of a series of 16-30' single occupant speed sailing boats for entry into the World Speed Sailing Record Council's (WSSRC) Weymouth, England speed trials, from 1978 through 1987. These boats utilized kites flown singly and in trains of from 110-250 sq ft (10-23 sq meters).
  • Design and prototyping of a 24' 3-person proa in 1999-2001, utilizing kites from 120-300 sq ft (11-28 sq meters).
  • Design, development and prototyping of a series of spinnaker-replacement kites for racing yachts in 2001-2002. These kites are specifically designed to fall within the legal definition of "spinnaker" according to ISAF and IACC yacht racing rules, and have been built and tested in sizes from 110-3000 sq ft (10-280 sq meters).
  • KiteShip™ is initiating the manufacture of the spinnaker-replacement kite in sizes of interest to popular yacht racing classes, of approximately 450-1000 sq ft (40-90 sq meters).
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