Revolutionizing Sailing 'round the World!

No heeling moment
Kites impart little or no heeling moment to a yacht. Instead of a spinnaker attached at the yacht's quarters and masthead, a kite is attached at deck level, near the mast partners. Big winds and giant gusts don't cause the dreaded spinnaker "round up" or "round down" -- kite-powered yachts just go faster. Kites lift the bows, even counteracting the main's pitching moment. Imagine driving the yacht at top speed and never burying her bows!
The kite's sheets can be lead anywhere on the boat -- even very large kites can be flown with a completely neutral helm. Kites don't rely on the mast for their support -- there is little practical limit to their size. The hoist no longer determines maximum sail size.
With KiteShip™ you can carry larger spinnakers then your competition in significantly higher wind speeds with control and safety.

70 meters / 750 sq ft

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